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Case study: National Book Tokens Target Christmas Buyers with Native

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

The campaign ran 25th November to 22nd December in partnership with Wavemaker. All results shared below are correct as of April 2020.


National Book Tokens’ primary goal was to raise awareness and increase purchase consideration by driving footfall to their website during the busiest time in the retail calendar - Christmas.


Diverse Insights.

Research from YouGov Profiles showed that over a third (36%) of UK consumers intended to buy books as a gift for Christmas, with 19% intending to buy vouchers.  The propensity for both statements was found to be higher amongst Verizon Media users.

Using Verizon Media’s unique first-party data signals, we were able to build a campaign targeted specifically at consumers likely to search or buy books or book tokens.


Premium Content.

Our in-house creative team took existing National Book Tokens assets to build bespoke creatives to run in premium native environments. 

Using our Native Mail Ads to leverage immersive messaging and dynamic content, we were able to promote National Book Tokens directly into consumer inboxes. And with an average time spent of 10 minutes per session, Native Mail Ads became the perfect opportunity to reach users in moments of intent.

National Book Tokens ad


Unified ad solutions.

The campaign was distributed across Verizon Media’s market-leading premium native advertising network, reaching 41M consumers in the UK through brand-safe editorial environments such as Yahoo, Apple News, MSN and Samsung Upday. 

Yahoo National Book Tokens native ad


We were confident we could reach consumers who would be interested in National Book Tokens with our native reach, with these consumers also more likely to be upmarket and aged between 25-44 (ABC1 Index 105, 25-44 Index 110 respectively).


Better business outcomes.

We ran an independent brand study amongst 300 adults (18+) to measure the impact of the campaign against National Book Tokens brand objectives - and the campaign proved to be a success.

Most importantly for the brand given their campaign objectives, purchase consideration increased +5%pts amongst those exposed to the campaign. 67% of those surveyed reacted positively to the campaign creative and a further 61% of this group then took action after seeing online - for example searching for the brand or visiting their website directly. 

Finally, spontaneous brand awareness was up a significant +6%pts, putting National Book Tokens at the forefront of spenders looking to buy books for their loved ones at Christmas time. 

Want to explore how native can help drive purchase consideration during peak periods? Speak to your Verizon Media rep or email info-uk@verizonmedia.com

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