Verizon Media’s Readiness for the Second Version of the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

Simon Halstead, Snr. Director, Supply & Exchanges

As an active participant in the IAB TCF steering committee, Verizon Media is  ready to  support  the rollout of the second iteration of the IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF 2.0) as a key component of our wider GDPR compliance programme. User privacy is amongst our top priorities and we are privileged to have had the chance to shape the new framework alongside our partners for the benefit of publishers, ad-tech providers and above all, consumers.

The new framework gives greater control and granularity to consumers, publishers and ad-tech vendors to capture and transmit valid user consent in a more effective way than the previous framework and accommodates greater flexibility in the presentation of the purposes and legal basis used to process personal data. 


Our readiness as a publisher

Verizon Media has already begun testing our updated consent management platform with a small number of users of our sites, such as Yahoo.  From August 15th all visitors to our properties will be presented with the new interface aligned to TCF 2.0. To ensure interoperability with our partners we are timing this re-consent process to correspond  with other members of the ecosystem, particularly those which are joining TCF for the first time. 


Our readiness as an ad tech platform

Verizon Media’s ad tech platforms (SSP, DSP and Native Marketplace) can already support TCF 2.0 and as soon as publishers begin to use the new consent signal from August 15th (or sooner) our systems will be able to use the signal as intended. 

Our platforms have been able to ingest and respect TCF 2.0 signals since April 1st 2020 and so far we have seen a small number of consent signals using the new framework and we are actively monitoring progress. Verizon Media will continue to respect both TCF 1.1 and TCF 2.0 consent signals until the 30th September 2020, when TCF 1.1 will no longer be supported by IAB Europe. 


As a TCF 2.0 vendor Verizon Media will support different combinations of consent and legitimate interest as legal bases for the processing of EU user data. We will require user consent for Purpose 1 (Storage and Access) and for purposes 3 and 4 (Personalised Ads) from partners.  For Purposes 7, 9 and 10 (Market research and measurement purposes), we will support both consent and legitimate interest from partners.


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