Verizon Media DSP drives performance for bwin

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

bwin case study image

The Entain Group created a DSP competitive head to head test for bwin showing Verizon Media can drive disclosed performance.

In December 2020 the Entain Group worked directly with Verizon Media to test their DSP against competitor platforms with the aim to prove a number of performance driven hypotheses for bwin. bwin utilised display formats planned and bought via the Verizon Media DSP with measurement tracked against key metrics including reach, cost effectiveness, and performance.  

Access to Verizon Media proprietary first party data allowed BWIN to target high value customers 

bwin were able to leverage Verizon Media’s predictive audiences which enabled them to identify new customers and drive customer registrations and first time deposits. Furthermore the campaign test targeted customers of bwin competitors using Verizon Media’s proprietary 1st party data. Users were also retargeted if they had previously engaged with the bwin ads. The Entain group were also keen to test the cost efficiencies associated with buying Verizon Media exchange inventory via the Verizon Media DSP vs competitor DSP’s.

It was proven that the Verizon Media DSP can drive better business outcomes for bwin 

The Verizon Media DSP drove significantly lower costs for bwin compared to the competitive DSP. Results indicated 84% lower CPM’s and 74% lower CPC’s. It was also proven that Entain were able to buy more cost efficient Verizon Media inventory via the DSP vs competitor platforms.

"For us to keep up to speed in a rapidly evolving industry at bwin, we run many comparison tests between DSPs against several quantitative and qualitative success metrics. Cost efficiency is one of the objectives we look to deliver especially as we are consistently scrutinising our supply chain. Verizon was able to deliver a very cost-effective route to supply vs competitor DSP whilst also exceeding our performance kpi's including viewability, CTR and CPA." 

Chris Penfold - Biddable Media Manager - Entain Group