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5 reasons SMBs should switch to native advertising

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

High ad performance is crucial for small and medium businesses: you need to get your messages seen – but you don’t have an endless budget to blow.

This is where a lot of brands would reach for paid social or standard display ads. While both are viable options, they don’t always make the most of your budget, or necessarily showcase your campaigns in the best possible setting. Cue native advertising.

Here are the 5 main reasons why native advertising is a great alternative for you, helping you deliver innovative campaigns, in a range of formats - driving the results that matter for your business.

1. Native ads improve performance

Arguably the most important thing to anyone running a campaign is performance. Well, native is known to deliver 8 times greater click through rates (source Verizon Media Redefining Native Study 2018 (UK, FR, DE)). 

With an average uplift in engagement of 63% and a 27% increase in purchase intent, native performance continues beyond the click.

But for SMBs, the impact of brand love and positive brand associations is a big deal, as you’re setting your brand up for success in this campaign and for the future.

Redefining Native Infographic


2. You’re giving people ads the way they want them

People want a seamless experience. We definitely don’t have time for pop-up windows or aggressive ads that cover an article we’re trying to read. Well it turns out that 79% of people want to see ads that blend into the page. Native ads are less intrusive and blend in more seamlessly than traditional display – across mobile as well as desktop. And while we’re talking about formats that deliver, ad blockers are on the rise, which affects more traditional digital ads (although not native formats). In Germany 16 million people use them, in the UK, 11 million, and figures are as high as 19 million in France (Source: Verizon Media Redefining Native Study 2018 (UK, FR, DE) /Warc Videodesign 2018). That’s a huge missed opportunity to engage with your potential customers. However with native you can breathe easy, and ensure your ads draw those eyeballs.


3. You’re talking to the right people at the right time

Just like any other ads that you might have used, you can target by postcode, gender, age, and interests to find your ideal customer. This saves you wasting valuable time and resources that can be plugged back into your business.

Something that’s particularly useful for businesses on the smaller side is that our algorithms can take care of the audience selection and targeting for you. It’s great for businesses that either don’t know the full extent of their audience or want to scale and expand their reach.

The algorithms can choose the best performing audiences for you and deliver your ads at the right time and in the right setting, without any stress on your side.

Native ad perception vs. MPU banner

Native ad perception vs MPU banner


4. You pay only for the click, leaving you totally in control

There’s an odd misconception that native advertising is somehow expensive, or unaffordable for smaller budgets. It’s simply not true. Verizon Media’s native offering, for example, starts from £10 a day – and you can buy on a click by click basis, keeping costs down.

Rest assured, there’s no danger of campaigns that run away with your budget here either. You can set a total budget cap or daily caps on your ad spend, keeping you completely in control.


5. They inspire trust

We’ve all seen the headlines of ads that went wrong or were completely inappropriate for the context of the site. Make sure you’re making the news the right way and put your campaigns in a brand-safe environment.

Nearly half of consumers believe that a brand’s own values are represented in the content that surrounds that brand’s ad. With Verizon Media's native offer you are assured to see your brand appearing in premium environments to maximise trust and positive brand associations.

The proof? Well, Verizon Media found that 78% of users associated their channels with trust – compared to 70% of people associating banner ads with fake news.

From performance, right through to building up the perception of your brand, there are pretty big reasons why native is a great choice for small and medium businesses looking to scale up and grow profits.

If you want to find out more about native advertising, how it can benefit your business, or how you could get started, you can contact us now.

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