3 ways to prepare for TCF v2.0

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Cecilia N’zaou, Product Marketing Manager

As you probably know by now, the IAB Europe announced the launch of a second version of the Transparency Consent Framework (TCF) after a period of consultation. Over the course of last year, the IAB asked for feedback from different stakeholders within the publisher community, advertisers and regulators to address how the framework can be improved and better serve the community. This has driven the development of TCF v2.0 which has been updated to provide consumers with more transparency and choices, greater publisher controls and the accommodation of GDPR “legitimate interests”, including a right for users to object to it in a more user friendly way.

Whilst the US saw a new privacy regulation coming into effect with CCPA on the 1st January 2020, European users will see their online privacy being further protected under TCF 2.0. At least, that is the aim of TCF 2.0 (and of course GDPR).

So what’s changing with the TCF 2.0?

The second iteration of the Transparency Consent Framework (TCF) will be deployed beginning from August 15th 2020, after a short extension due to Covid-19. From that date, the IAB Europe expects all stakeholders to start switching from version 1.1 to version 2.0 before its end of life date, on the 30th September.

Key differences between TCF v1.1 and v2.0

Aside from expanding from 5 to 10 granular purposes, the most significant change for publishers is that they will now be able to choose how each of their ad tech partners can process the data of their users. Previously publishers could not exercise control on a per purpose and per vendor basis. The purpose choices applied equally to all vendors that a user consented to.

What this means for publishers 

1. Re-consent your users

New framework, new beginning. With the implementation of TCF v2.0, publishers will need to communicate the new purposes to their users. Needless to say, extending the number of purposes from 5 to 10 will imply optimising the consent journey in order to maximise your consent rate.  

2. Switch to TCF 2.0 before the 30th September 2020

Whilst the new Transparency Consent Framework will be rolled out on the 15th August 2020, the IAB Europe is giving stakeholders some time to transition from TCF v1.1, after which it will be deprecated. Although the transition period is beneficial to give publishers enough time to plan and implement TCF v2.0, delaying the switch to TCF v2.0 may present a risk of ad revenue loss (particularly if consent is delayed until after the 30th September). In a survey run with some DSPs we work with in January 2020, most of the DSPs replied that they will be supporting both TCF 1.1 and TCF 2.0 during the transition time, however this may be different for each other vendor in the ecosystem.

3. Work with an IAB registered CMP 

Since GDPR came into effect, the number of CMPs operating in the market kept increasing. Working with an IAB registered CMP presents benefits such as being registered with TCF and being compliant with the criteria required by the IAB Europe’s CMP Compliance Programme. If you are not sure, you can consult the updated list here: https://iabeurope.eu/cmp-list/.

As an active participant in the IAB TCF steering committee, Verizon Media will look to support the rollout of TCF v2.0 in a manner aligned with our company values of trust and innovation, which puts user-privacy at the centre of our products. We will support the new framework across our ad platforms and as a publisher.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Verizon Media representative.

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