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We offer the only solution that combines a powerful demand stream with publisher-built products that grow and evolve your business.

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A publisher-built SSP for better results

Whether you’re an app developer, a video-first publisher or omnichannel business our platform provides access to products across ad formats and devices to help maximise your revenue.

Versatile opportunities to optimise

Total inventory management

From header bidding to guaranteed campaigns, we support every transaction model.

Best-in-class demand

Access our best ad exchanges and hundreds of top advertisers, including unique Verizon Media demand.

Publisher technology expertise

Being publishers ourselves, we design products that scale to benefit the largest brands on the web.

Success story

The shift to first-price auctions: 3 factors publishers should know

Should you really care about the first-price trend? Get insights and guidance with this informative article on auction mechanics.

Native experiences


lift in interaction across the entire page

Source: Internal data

Video SSP and syndication


transactions powered monthly

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Omnichannel SSP


buyer integrations

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Who do you trust?

Trust is essential in our business. We all want to partner with people who are genuine and real. See what our clients are saying about the importance of trust in the ad ecosystem and learn ways you can increase your trust quotient with your audience.

Trusted by top-tier publisher brands

From Yahoo O&O, to our premium supply partners, Yahoo SSP is trusted by the world’s leading publishers, broadcasters and media owners. No matter where you are reaching consumers, your premium inventory is more valuable here.

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