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Building a new foundation for digital experiences

5G provides lightning-fast mobile connectivity for consumers, advertisers, and media producers ready to embrace a new generation of digital capabilities.

Endless possibilities for creatives, producers, and fans

With super-charged, connected technologies like augmented and virtual reality, gaming, live media, and remote work applications, 5G puts a world of shared experiences at our fingertips.

A more robust and connected media production environment

5G makes advanced content development, editing, production and distribution tools more accessible—anytime, anywhere, among both amateurs and professionals.

5G merges physical and digital experiences.

83% of UK Millennials expect online brand interactions to be seamless and innovative—and enhance their real-world experiences. Exceeding those expectations starts with 5G.

5G Insights

5G is transforming industries—from online gaming and live sports to remote work and feature film production. The leading stories and insights are here.

Young girl playing on game controller with headset

5G Will Support a New Generation of In-Game Experiences

As consumers have adjusted to stay-at-home orders, this social transformation has reinforced the importance of games as a means for young minds to connect.

Virtual reality world with blue rainbow

5G Will Change How We Participate in Concerts, Conferences & Sporting Events Forever

As global economies closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the events industry was among the hardest hit. As a result. virtual events, powered by digital platforms, are booming.

Man wearing a VR headset against a city backdrop

How Media Workers Should Think About Emerging 5G Capabilities

Media—from journalism, to video entertainment, to brand experiences—rely on creativity. Now, 5G has the power to change media as we know it.

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