Use native ads to reach search & performance goals

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

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With the rise of search advertising 20 years ago, advertisers thought they had found the answer to reaching an audience looking specifically for their product or service. But online behavior has changed dramatically since then, along with how people interact with ads.

What if there was a way to target the same users who have searched for your products, but with more engaging ad experiences, served alongside premium, brand-safe content - and leverage additional intent signals from users? That's exactly what Verizon Media's native ads do. Native ads give you the dynamic flexibility of high-quality digital ad experiences, informed by powerful search data.

Native ads for search advertisers

Our native marketplace uses the same keyword data as your search campaigns for targeting, but allows you to go beyond the reach of the traditional SERP. That's one reason why native ads are among the fastest growing ad formats in the industry.

Native ads automatically adapt into several innovative formats across a wide variety of our premium properties and apps, including our newly expanded native supply. Some native formats and features of particular interest for advertisers who normally rely on search ads include:

  • Native keyword retargeting - Consumers see personalized native ads based on their previous search signals on Yahoo Search, as soon as 15 minutes after the search query. Capture your search audience outside the search box and across a variety of their everyday experiences including Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, HuffPost and much more.

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See here for more details about getting started with Native Keyword Retargeting.

  • Custom audience - This feature allows you to target or exclude specific users that visit your website or a specific URL on your site. Target by mobile advertiser IDs, email addresses, in-app events or create look-a-like audiences based on existing custom audiences.
  • Dynamic product ads (DPA) - These feed-based retargeting ads are personalized to each user's unique shopping history. With 3 in 4 shoppers abandoning their carts, retargeting is more important than ever.
  • User personalized ads - Drive higher engagement with these native ads that serve personalized messages to your best audience. Improve CTR by personalizing ad titles, descriptions, and landing URLs based on geo data (city, state, country).
  • Optimized cost per click pricing (oCPC) - Achieve lead generation performance goals with conversion optimization that allows you to optimize conversions to your target CPA.

There are many more native formats also available. Getting starting with a native campaign is easy. It takes just one simple set of creative assets to start reaching your audience immediately.

Reach consumers at every stage of their journey

Our unique set of data signals spans the entire consumer purchase funnel - from search keywords, to Flurry data on over 2.6B mobile devices, to user's social and content interests and more. Our native ad platform reaches more than 1B users every month.

To build on your traditional search campaigns, look to add Verizon Media native campaigns into your marketing mix. Our unified ad platforms make it simple for you to align your performance goals with quality content, unparalleled scale, access to innovative ad formats, and leverage the most diverse, verified data in the industry.

Reach out to your Verizon Media representative today or contact us for more information on our native solutions for performance advertisers.