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Emerging channels reach audiences in new ways with our DSP

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

We know that consumer behavior continues to change just as quickly and dramatically as technology does. That's why the Verizon Media DSP is constantly evolving to reach today's on-the-go consumer across all of the many avenues, devices and areas where they choose to spend their time. These exciting new channels offer opportunities for you to reach consumers when they were previously out of reach and even closer to their point of purchase. Take a look at these new channels now available:

Programmatic Audio

The addition of audio makes the Verizon Media DSP a truly omnichannel platform where advertisers can buy and optimize audio, video and display media through one central interface. Streaming audio and podcast listening continues to grow, with streaming audio listeners showing high engagement and attention. Digital audio reaches about 62% of the total U.S. population.1

Girls with earphones

Four reasons you should take a listen to programmatic audio with the Verizon Media DSP:

  • New supply partners have greatly increased our reach and available audio inventory, which now includes access to publishers like Spotify, DAX, Radio.com and more.
  • Verizon Media's first-party data targeting options like purchase receipts, search keywords, mail, POI location, and lookalike and predictive audiences can be layered in with standard targeting options like dayparting, weather, device, demo, and connection type.
  • Personalized audio ads through our partnership with A Million Ads offer the ability to create and dynamically serve thousands of user-customized ads based on weather, location, day/time, device, gender and more.
  • We offer brand-safe environments with high-quality audio publishers offering in-app audio inventory that you can feel secure about.

Connected TV (CTV)

CTV is an increasingly preferred method of TV viewing where the consumer's TV is connected to the Internet through native capabilities (Smart TV) or a device such as a set-top box, streaming device, or game console. It's estimated that there were 182.6M connected TV users in the US last year,2 and this continues to grow, offering tremendous advertising opportunities.

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Reasons why you should take a look at CTV, especially for upper-funnel brand awareness, include:

  • Robust targeting options include audience targeting (first- and third-party data), device make/model, location, daypart, CTV retargeting and demo (reported by Nielsen).
  • Frequency capping at the device level, as well as cross-device measurement and reporting.
  • Premium, brand-safe supply through partnerships with leading SSPs. Our DSP offers access to high-quality CTV inventory from networks like Discovery, NBC, Bravo, ESPN and Turner as well as platforms like Roku, Hulu, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.
  • Reach an engaged audience with 90%+ completion rates.3
  • Omnichannel capabilities, like cross-device measurement and reporting, allow you to seamlessly add CTV to your existing marketing plan to manage and optimize your strategy, all through our DSP platform.
  • Reach a global audience, with 9B monthly CTV avails, including 147M household IP addresses in the US alone.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

Digital is everywhere, as the dramatic growth of DOOH shows. DOOH is the ad inventory on digital signage and screens in public places like bus shelters, airports, highway billboards, gas stations, doctors offices and more. It's an exciting and new inventory source for DSP customers, with US spending for DOOH forecasted to hit $3.2B by 2020.4

DOOH sign

Reasons to take our DOOH capabilities for a drive include:

  • Add this unique inventory source to your media plans for wider omnichannel reach. Both display and video DOOH supply is available.
  • Access to our premium partnerships with Clear Channel, Lamar, Broadsign, Hivestack, Zoom Media and Captivate.
  • Unique targeting options include deal, location, location interest based, dayparting, demo, and weather.
  • DOOH-specific reporting with audience impressions metric that tells you the total number of people with an opportunity to see the ad. Other metrics include bid eCPM, multiplied eCPM and inventory eCPM.
  • Ability to optimize your DOOH to eCPM.

These new channels offer the perfect opportunity to market to consumers through an expanding and exciting new advertising landscape. Speak to your audience when they are really listening, when they are enjoying themselves at home, and even when they are in transit or on the go. To find out more about opportunities with our DSP, contact your Verizon Media representative or contact us today.


1 Source: eMarketer, March 2019
2 Source: eMarketer, Audience for Connected TV Grows, but Ad Spending Has Lagged
3 Source: Beachfront Releases 2018 CTV Ad Data, Roku Still Leads, Amazon Growing Quickly
4 Source: eMarketer, US Traditional vs. Digital Out-of-Home Ad Spending, 2010-2020 (billions and % of total out-of-home ad spending)

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