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All signs point to impact: Your guide to programmatic Digital Out-of-Home

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.


Within the Australian and global market, Verizon Media is the leading supplier of programmatic DOOH capabilities through having the most integrations, and most supply available as an omni-channel DSP.

These capabilities allow us to strategically plan, activate, optimise and measure this channel with great success which has been seen here in Australia all the way since our first campaign launch in mid-2019.

Our fundamental belief within the DOOH channel is that to be successful, we need to apply the learnings of historical OOH planning to programmatic, rather than the other way round. It’s with this in mind that we get deep into the weeds around planning processes that our advertisers and agencies go through to help feed our Programmatic approach into their existing model. Programmatic DOOH is an added value to existing DOOH buys, it is not there to replace direct IO buys.

Programmatic DOOH drives agility in booking processes, agility in creative, and significant increased value through the application of measurement and true omnichannel activation through an omnichannel DSP.

One of the key benefits of activating DOOH via an omnichannel DSP is the ability to tie the activation into the rest of the campaign, from a measurement point of view, but also through strategies such as Verizon Media Re-Engagement. Lead with DOOH, and re-engage through audio, or our exclusive Verizon Native product.

The possibilities are endless in our new norm.


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