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Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.


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Yahoo Academy Masterclasses (previously Verizon Media Academy Masterclasses) are designed to provide the next generation of industry leaders with new opportunities to build their personal brand, accelerate their careers and build their personal resilience and adaptability.

This is your one-stop-shop to obtain the skills you need to succeed in the future of work. Skill up on entrepreneurship and leadership, explore diversity and adversity in addition to building a professional brand - unleash your full potential. 


Season 2


Cindy Gallop: Re-making the industry for the better
For the last decade Cindy Gallop has been at the forefront of calling out the bullshit and spin which stands in the way of real change. Join the tech entrepreneur who is one of Business Insider’s Top 15 Most Important Marketing Strategy Thinkers today, as she delivers an inspiring, thought-provoking and above all actionable masterclass to help you re-engineer your working processes to integrate equality, diversity and inclusion; challenge the status quo; and discover ways to make a real difference in your day-to-day in this unmissable masterclass.


Claire Salvetti: Drop the spin and get comfortable in your skin
Have you felt that creeping doubt in your abilities at work? It could be holding you back from becoming your most authentic self. In this masterclass Executive Coach and PR Guru Claire Salvetti will help you master imposter syndrome to make it work in your favour, and become the leader you didn’t know you could be.


Ivan Markman: Manage your career like a business
Sitting at the helm of a global tech business, Chief Business Officer at Verizon Media Iván Markman knows a thing or two about building meaningful work and taking calculated risks. Gain valuable insights from this global leader on how to create a personal scorecard, assess career risks/opportunities and even network like a DJ in Ibiza!


Catriona Dixon: Talk like a boss with leadership communication that engages, influences and stands out
Know how to walk the walk but not necessarily how to talk the talk? Here’s your chance to be more engaging with your communication, influence with purpose and speak with conviction. Join communication expert and former journalist Catriona Dixon to learn the skills to escalate your business leadership.


Zoe Cocker: How to create innovative ideas people love
How to create innovative ideas people love Make it, break it, steal it… Head of Brand at Yahoo Creative Studios (formerly RYOT) Zoe Cocker is no stranger to transformative ideas, creativity or innovation. In this masterclass session, Cocker will open up a new world of possibilities, giving away a few cheeky hacks to unlock your creative mindset to reach entirely new realms.


Season 1


Leigh Morrison: Balancing the blurred boundaries of work and life
The way we work has changed forever. Our long commutes are now a few steps across the hallway, and pants are quite often optional. But with this convenience comes a counter-balance which is the blurring of the boundaries between work and home life. Dividing the two has never been more complicated. Executive coach Leigh Morrison, founder of Australia-based Be. Coaching, gives you ways to optimise your arrangements and take the best of both worlds into the next age of work and life.


Dr Kate Hall: Building mental fitness like an elite athlete
How do elite sportspeople cope with the pressure to perform week-in and week-out? The answer is they work at it - training their minds like they do their muscles so they can cope with those massive moments. Mental fitness isn’t about never getting stressed or always being happy, but being purposeful and deliberate in what your mind learns. In this episode Dr Kate Hall, who works with the Australian Football League, talks us through some simple techniques and things we can be doing to help us thrive in everyday life.


Chloe Hamman: Creating collaborative teams remotely
People are social animals. So while there are many benefits, the entire workforce working from home is posing new and unexplored challenges. In particular how we build and maintain crucial relationships with our colleagues and clients without that face-to-face interaction. Discover how successful managers and teams are leveraging technology, creativity and some good old-fashioned psychology to overcome these challenges and build stronger ways of working remotely with Chloe Hamman, Director People Science at Culture Amp.


Nicole Hatherly: How an innovative mindset will help you change the world
We've reached an inflection point and those who are going to change the world are the ones with an innovative mindset. Australian leadership strategist Nicole Hatherly explains why creativity, constant learning and resilience are key to making your world better. Hear techniques to shift your mindset and turn challenges into opportunities and obstacles into interesting detours.


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