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Access the best content and partnerships, see how data diversity can help you reach the right audience across devices in an environment designed for brand safety.

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How value-led content can help finance brands become more human

Content that leads with emotion and tells a compelling story can dramatically influence audience perception—we’re all human, after all.

Why brands go native

Contextual excellence

Place ads strategically on trusted websites such as Yahoo, TechCrunch and others.

Adaptable formats

Achieve your goals with dynamic image ads and fullscreen video across devices.

Intent-driven data

Find the right contexts and moments using 4T intent signals from 1B users every month.

Create your native program

Engaging ad formats


greater engagement with carousel ads vs. single-image

Source: Internal data

Unmatched returns


ROAS with native video vs. pre-roll

Source: Internal data

Greater conversions


more conversions using dynamic product ads with native vs. native alone

Source: Internal data

Context is power

Place ads in premium content and create meaningful interactions that influence your consumer’s path to discovery. Use precise audience targeting and deliver results every time.

From left to right: iPhone carousel ad, mobile ad

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