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We offer the only solution that combines a powerful demand stream with publisher-built products that grow and evolve your business.

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Join the 1000+ publishers monetizing with native ads from Yahoo. From unit layouts to our ad decisioning engine, our native platform offers the controls and flexibility to take your ad strategy to the next level. Tap exclusive demand available through our Native Marketplace, which powers 60B monthly native impressions. Ready to get started with native?

Easy setup and management

Our Native marketplace makes it easy for publishers to onboard, manage and optimize. View holistic performance with unified reporting and analytics in a single workflow for native and display.

Unified auction for maximum yield

Maximize yield with a unified auction across our Native Marketplace and all integrated programmatic demand partners - both native exclusive or omni-format.

Premium ad experiences

The unique ad formats Yahoo has built for our O&O brands provide enhanced user experiences and higher revenue.

Increase fill rates with Dynamic Ad Placement

With Dynamic Ad Placement, publishers can easily monetise 300x250 placements, serving the highest bidding ad creative across video and display demand.

Improved user experience


Consumers say they like to see ads that blend into a page*

Source: Redefining Native study, Verizon Media 2018

Exclusive demand


daily native ad impressions through Yahoo Native*

Source: Yahoo internal data

Better fill rates


Avg increase in CPM with dynamic ad placement*

Source: Yahoo internal data, Yahoo and AOL

Featured insight

Yahoo Accelerates Premium Native Supply with Apple News and Stocks

At Yahoo, we are deeply focused on delivering trusted content, connections and commerce to people around the world. Today, we accelerate this business strategy by exclusively offering premium native programmatic advertising opportunities built for brand safety in Apple News and Stocks across iPhone, iPad and Mac in Australia, Canada and the U.K.

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