Verizon Media brings The Fabric of Reality to Frankfurt Fashion Week 2021

Note: Verizon Media ist jetzt bekannt als Yahoo.

The Fabric of Reality

RYOT participates in the conference Fashionsustain on the digital FFW STUDIO platform at www.frankfurt.fashion , which explores the revolution in fashion industry 

The textiles and fashion sector is currently undergoing a fundamental revolution – driven by sustainable and technological innovations, new value creation models are reaching the mass market. It is precisely these topics that will be at the focus of Fashionsustain, the international and multidisciplinary conference format of Neonyt, which is taking place from 6 to 8 July 2021 and, for the first time, during the digital FFW STUDIO of Frankfurt Fashion Week. In the form of panel discussions, talks, keynotes and interactive formats, it will present fascinating, in-depth insights into the ongoing transformation process of the industry. 

In this frame, Verizon Media will bring its innovative AR fashion show The Fabric of Reality. Produced by RYOT in partnership with The London College’s Fashion  Innovation agency, and Kaleidoscope, it brings together designers and virtual reality artists in a collaboration that promises to kick-start a new era in fashion shows. In addition, the talented virtual fashion designer Damara Inglês has created a limited edition AR Couture filter for this roadshow through the most important fashion events worldwide, which allows attendees to experience a unique piece of digital fashion history

Verizon Media will be on the stage on June 7th at 11:20AM. Sam Field, Head of Creative Technology at RYOT, and Damara Inglês, Designer at the Fabric of Reality,  will join Kim Bernd (3D Digital Designer & founder of @3MBASSY Digital Design Studio) and Esther Perbandt (founder & designer at Esther Perbandt) providing exciting insights into avatars, NFTs, virtual fashion shows and answers to questions about the future of fashion in the panel “Virtual Fashion. Me, Myself and avatar.”

Held digitally due to coronavirus restrictions, this summer’s edition of the Fashionsustain conference from 6 to 8 July 2021 is the place to be for all fashion enthusiasts, drivers of innovation and creative minds who wish to join forces and play an active role in this process.