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Erhalten Sie Zugang zu den besten Inhalten und Partnerschaften. Erleben Sie, wie Datendiversität Ihnen dabei helfen kann, die passenden Zielgruppen geräteübergreifendend zu erreichen – in Umfeldern, die auf Markensicherheit hin angelegt sind.

Big impact on the small screen

When it comes to mobile marketing, impact matters. Our interactive and attention-grabbing mobile formats run within trusted app environments and premium editorial content, driving engagement from discovery to action.

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State of Native 2019

This eBook provides the scoop on where the native advertising industry is going, which new areas to invest in and what the future of native has to offer.

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Ad Formats

Put the power of the Yahoo and Microsoft partnership to work for you

The Microsoft portfolio gives you the power and scale of the Microsoft ID, Bing search and MSN browsing for rich first party data that makes your advertising even more effective.

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Use native ads to reach search and performance goals

Target the same users who have searched for your products, but with more engaging ad experiences, served alongside premium, brand-safe content - and leverage additional intent signals from users.

Mobile advertising for retailers

Our mobile commerce experiences are designed to bring value and utility to customers, reaching them at their highest point of engagement - when they’re actively looking for deals and coupons.

Memorable brand experiences


lift in unaided brand awareness with Moments ads vs static banners*

Source: Verizon Media format analysis, June-July, 2018

Formats that drive consideration


higher CTR with Moments ads vs static banners*

Source: Verizon Media format analysis, June-July, 2018

Engagement beyond the click


higher engagement with Carousel ads vs static banners*

Source: Verizon Media format analysis, June-July, 2018
Purple and Verizon

Featured insight

Purple and Verizon Media make mobile magic in their sleep

As a leading disruptor in the mattress industry, Purple has always occupied a different side of the digital marketing bed than its competitors. Purple cozied up with Verizon Media to drive even more engagement with shoppers of all ages, using the immersive native ad unit Moments. The campaign surpassed ROAS benchmarks by 130% and delivered a unique ad experience that communicated the science behind their products’ comfort.

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