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Note: Verizon Media er nu Yahoo.

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With the mission to put bad audio out of business, newly established premium audio solution brand EPOS launched a journey toward establishing a strong global brand awareness and recognition with the campaign Bad Audio is Bad Business. The campaign was orchestrated and distributed by Verizon Media Nordics’ through its Amplify 360 solution  and positions EPOS with a 7% market share over a campaign period of just 4 months.

The campaign strategy was to build brand awareness around EPOS in target audiences in 18 markets across US, EMEA and APAC. Given the current competitive landscape of the established global brand, the campaign was built to drive earned media value for EPOS. The journey was kickstarted by placing and exposing the Bad Audio is Bad Business campaign to millions of consumers. A global digital media framework was rolled out that ensured in-depth brand storytelling with premium paid partnerships, quality time with audiences via premium video distribution of the hero video, global coverage through PR, and social media engagement via social paid partnerships. All to secure maximum global reach, brand engagement, and increase in share of voice of the EPOS brand. 

Following this campaign, an important milestone has been set as EPOS has now reached a 7% market share and a 33% awareness among the target audiences exposed to the campaign. It also resulted in a 13% organic uplift in people searching for EPOS digitally following exposure to the campaign

  1. Audience Project Brand Study 2020


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