Proven Track Record

Note: Verizon Media er nu Yahoo.

We have a proven track record of working with Global & Nordic clients within different verticals and markets. 


Here are some of our most viral and impactful campaigns:



  • Uber: Uber Boxes 

Love or hate the idea of Uber, this little gem of a YouTube video clearly outlines what we often forget; we are using huge containers of steel to transport ourselves in and out of cities, and have grown accustomed to norms about motordom that are rather ridiculous. Produced for Uber, this advertisement “Lets’ Unlock Cities” clearly shows how much space is taken up for the commuting, management, and parking of cars.

Article: PriceTags


  • EPOS Enterprise: Bad Audio is Bad Business

Remote and office workers alike can benefit from good-quality audio. When it comes to great audio, no company knows more than EPOS. The Copenhagen-based company was founded in 2020, and emerged from a previous joint venture, Sennheiser Communications. There’s no doubt about it: bad audio is bad business – but good audio is great business.

Article: Wired



  • Sandvik: Glass Labyrinth

Self-driving has been widely talked about when it comes to ‘concept vehicles,’ yet Sandvik’s automated loaders and trucks have been working in real mines for over 20 years. That’s more than 2 million operating hours of self-driving underground and, at the same time, there have been zero accidents involving people. To prove its capabilities, Sandvik is taking its technology above ground, and challenging its next generation automated loader in a glass labyrinth.

Article: E&T 


  • Polestar: Break up

With the launch of the Polestar 2, the Sweden-based car company is parting ways with the automobile industry. They're breaking away from tradition with a design-forward approach led by CEO Thomas Ingenlath.

Article: Uncreate


  • Kræftens Bekæmpelse: Help a Dane

The brilliant online campaign launched by the Danish Cancer Society in collaboration with the nonprofit Danish foundation TrygFonden is called “Help a Dane” and is aimed at people from the sunny countries most visited by Danish tourists. Denmark has only few hours of sun annually, with a UV index which never surpasses 7, much lower than vacation destinations in the Mediterranean, loved by many thousands of Danish tourists who then return home with a sunburn.

Article: Cancerworld


And more to come...


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