Amplify 360 Three level approach: Orchestration

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A branding campaign’s ability to reach its full potential is often determined by its media plan  and creative idea. To be successful, it must break through the clutter and use the  media's DNA to the brand's advantage. 

To help a creative idea to live up to its potential, we need to break with old habits and routines and integrate with multiple media solutions, cultures  and markets. The internet has no borders. Online behavior and trends are often global, but the engagement and conversations are always local. Same story, different place. 

A consistent execution is the foundation for success across markets and regions. There are multiple factors and elements that need to be in harmony before your story will be truly heard. That’s what we call Orchestration!  

What can we apply to your campaign?


A customized strategy to bring your ideas to life

We create  a  customized strategy to make sure your ideas are heard by the right audience at the right time. 


Media agnostic 

We will use the most fitting platform or media partnership in the world to get your story heard. 


Media curation  and vetting 

Our team will carefully curate and vet  influencer and media partnerships to find the perfect match to represent your brand. 


Unique campaigns in collaboration with content creators 

We work with content creators on Youtube who can create original content which will authentically speak to the relevant audience.


We’re on top of social media trends and trending platforms 

We follow the latest social media  trends and can introduce you to a new creative approach for your campaign. 


Local market know-how and expertise

Our multicultural team is equipped with insider knowledge. A cultural understanding of local markets and language skills provides full support for your campaign from start to finish.


Outside-in - inside-out approach 

Get the attention of millions of people across the globe, and earn coverage from Western and Eastern media & influencers. This will ensure minimum impact and presence locally.

Reach millions of people globally                             

Verizon Media can power your campaign to reach millions through proprietary Ad platforms, owned & operated channels,  and premium partnerships in the industry.


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