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Amplify 360 Three level approach: Execution

Note: Verizon Media er nu Yahoo.

Campaign execution is coordinated by our global campaign team. They operate from a central hub based in Copenhagen with support from vital  internal divisions and third-party stakeholders. Our centralised hub enables us to be more flexible and effective across markets, despite working globally. 

This centralized approach makes media alignment, campaign monitoring and constant optimization much easier. It allows us to ensure a smooth workflow, cutting off on approval times and maximising campaign effectiveness. 

Faster approval times and quicker turnaround help increase optimization across all channels. The results in an even more effective campaign.

Our end-to-end process means less complications and full transparency in both global and local markets. Your campaign’s impact is designed to be media agnostic and spread organically. This helps it resonate beyond any specific campaign timeline.



So what is it that makes us special? 

Expertise from viral global campaigns

Our team members have expertise in all facets of online advertising, with years of experience working on our largest and most impactful global campaigns.

Ability to negotiate offerings and leverage our relationships in the industry

We’re able to use our ties and position within the industry to your advantage. We can leverage opportunities to make sure you make the most out of your budget. 

Stakeholder management 

Each project is treated with a high level of importance and professionalism. We’re here to make sure all stakeholders are satisfied with the workflow and the campaign outcome. Everyone should come out looking good. We don’t succeed unless all the teams and agencies do too.

International team with local market know-how

Our culturally diverse Copenhagen-based team ensures cultural sensitivity throughout the entire process.

Risk management 

Our team can help forecast, evaluate and prevent any risks to your project. We’re here to make sure every campaign runs smoothly from start to finish.

Final reporting tailored to your request

We create a customized final report based on specific KPI’s set throughout the campaign. Do you want a thorough sentiment analysis of your campaign’s social media activations? We’re here to help and ready to read each comment one-by-one!


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