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We offer the only solution that combines a powerful demand stream with publisher-built products that grow and evolve your business.

Advanced video monetization

Our comprehensive ad monetization solution gives video publishers a full suite of features, including advanced deal capabilities, support for server-to-server and client-side header-bidding, plus unique demand from the Yahoo DSP and ad exchange.

Premium, exclusive demand

The Yahoo Ad Tech Video Exchange is one of the largest dedicated sources for video supply. Connect your inventory to top brands, advertisers, and DSPs, including unique demand from the Yahoo Ad Tech DSP.

Optimized for header bidding

We fully support direct integrations via header bidding solutions like Prebid and unified auction solutions like Google Open Bidding, meaning video publishers can generate revenue instantly.

Advanced inventory packaging

As an SSP, exchange, and DSP, we know how to package your supply and drive interest. Our unique deal capabilities merchandize and deliver your supply to meet advertiser needs.

Smarter Deal opportunities

Deal Opportunities offers publishers greater control, transparency and flexibility into our deal packaging process.

Steady demand


DSP integrations

Source: Yahoo, Internal data, 2018

Reach every screen


monthly transactions across web, in-app and CTV

Source: Yahoo, Internal data, 2018

Compelling content


premium videos

Source: Yahoo, Internal data, 2018

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