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We offer the only solution that combines a powerful demand stream with publisher-built products that grow and evolve your business.

Connect anywhere, earn everywhere

From our unified SDK used by over 70K app developers to our best-in-class app analytics, we deliver the right mobile solutions for your mobile app development needs.

Integrated auction

We offer an integrated auction at the format-specific level, or via our dynamic ad placement, with the highest yielding ad format winning the auction.

Optimized mobile demand

With hundreds of agencies and advertising partners, we package your unique supply and optimize for maximum revenue performance based on buyer behavior.

Do more with a single SDK

Our SSP builds on one of the most trusted SDKs in the industry. App developers can incorporate engaging ad experiences and access mobile demand across native, video and display formats.

Drive app revenue with the Yahoo Ads SDK

The Yahoo Ads SDK provides the tools needed to say 'yes' to both revenue and user experience, instead of having to choose between them.

Extensive mobile library


mobile apps

Source: Yahoo Internal data, 2018

Huge user demand


unique mobile users

Source: Yahoo Internal data, 2018

Free app analytics


mobile apps are measured with Flurry analytics

Source: Yahoo Internal data, 2018

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