Next-Gen Solutions for publishers

Next-Gen Solutions is a suite of end-to-end audience creation and monetization products for non-addressable digital environments, where device or user ID aren’t available. Consumers enjoy relevant ad experiences, advertisers reach high-value audiences at scale, and publishers maximize monetization.

The next generation of advanced contextual targeting and monetization

Next-Gen Audiences is an innovative, privacy-centric approach to audience creation rooted in machine learning. This advanced contextual targeting solution goes beyond content to create relevant, valuable audiences at scale – no fingerprinting, no user profiling, no identity needed.

High-quality data

Next-Gen is trained using a sample of identity traffic from Yahoo ConnectID to infer high-quality audiences.

Robust segmentation

Next-Gen uses a mix of real-time signals including content, imprecise location, weather and device type for increased accuracy.


Next-Gen is built to comply with changing data privacy laws. No stored user profiles. No tracking. No fingerprinting or end-user profiling.

Seamlessly monetize ID-less audiences with Yahoo ConnectID

Next-Gen leverages Yahoo ConnectID to segment logged-in users, even if it’s a small percentage of traffic, to train the model. Next-Gen’s algorithm then infers audiences in real-time for unknown traffic.

Tap into new buyers in Yahoo SSP through Next-Gen deals.

We use unique data signals and behavioral modeling from consented data to better package your supply, and help you maximize revenue.