Yahoo ConnectID for publishers

Meaningful audience data in a cookieless world.

Know your audience. No need for cookies.

Yahoo ConnectID uses consent-based, first-party data to maximize your audiences and grow their value in a world without third-party cookies. Monetize your addressable and non-addressable audiences, while respecting consumer choice and privacy. Welcome to the sustainable identity future.

Persistent identity built on real relationships that last.

From search to shopping receipts, we see more than 200B cross-screen user intent signals daily.¹ These direct consumer relationships across O&O sites like Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Finance enable us to build comprehensive identity-based user profiles that you can leverage to improve your long-term monetization goals.

¹ Yahoo, Internal data, 2021.

No logged-in users? No problem.

Yahoo ConnectID uses proprietary logged-in user data from our O&O sites to match with a publisher’s first-party cookies, creating known audiences even if the publisher has no user identifiers. Additionally, Yahoo Next-Gen Solutions uses advanced machine learning paired with Yahoo ConnectID data to create value for truly non-addressable audiences. Learn more about how Next-Gen Solutions helps you stay relevant and scale your business even among non-addressable users.

Consumer privacy

We leverage consent-based data from one-to-one consumer relationships. And governance and security controls ensure that data stays within our ecosystem. Privacy plus safety equals happy, trusting users.

Robust insights

Get persistent identity built on resilient identifiers and strong deterministic data, making it easy to truly know, develop deep insights and connect with each individual. It’s how you get to better understand and reach more users.

Built for scale

Yahoo ConnectID works at scale across our O&O properties and over 12,000 third-party publisher domains. It works at scale today, and is built for growth tomorrow.

We play nice with others

Yahoo ConnectID directly integrates with leading DMPs and CDPs to seamlessly ingest and activate against third-party data. Interoperability increases the demand pool, welcoming more matched users and unlocking additional spend from Yahoo DSP advertisers.