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Consistent demand

Access our best ad exchanges and hundreds of top advertisers, including unique Yahoo Ad Tech demand.

Inventory management

From header bidding to guaranteed campaigns, we support every transaction mode

Publisher expertise

Being publishers ourselves, we design products that scale to benefit the largest brands on the web.

A publisher-built SSP for
better results

Whether you’re a blogger, writer, app developer, video creator or even an omnichannel business, our SSP can help you earn money from your online content.

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Smart ad solutions to help you succeed

Access simplified monetization solutions across all formats and devices. Discover advanced reporting and yield optimizing capabilities for increased efficiency.

Solutions across more channels to maximize your revenue

Our streamlined supply solutions make it easy to drive new revenue streams and diversify your income within one interface.

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Digital insights to keep you connected

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A simpler, more powerful reporting suite

Most of our users’ time within Analytics Reports is spent creating and editing reports, so we completely redesigned the workflow to make this experience smoother, faster, and more powerful.

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Yahoo Ad Tech + Microsoft announce expanded supply partnership

Yahoo Ad Tech is now the Supply side platform of record for MSN and display supply, expanding upon our existing role as the primary SSP for Microsoft’s video supply across the nine primary markets that Yahoo Ad Tech supports.

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What does the future hold for first-party data activation?

Up until recently, brands looking to break through the heavily saturated digital advertising ecosystem adopted third-party cookies as the anchor for behavioral and interest-based targeting.

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