Next-Gen Solutions for Advertisers

Next-Gen Solutions is a suite of end-to-end targeting, buying and measurement products for ID-less inventory.

The next generation of advanced contextual targeting

Next-Gen Audiences is an advanced contextual targeting solution rooted in machine learning. Consumers enjoy relevant ad experiences and advertisers reach high-value audiences at scale in the ID-less world – no fingerprinting, no user profiling, no identity needed.

High-quality data

Trained using a sample of identity traffic from Yahoo ConnectID to infer high-quality audiences.

Robust targeting

Based on a mix of real-time signals including content, imprecise location, weather and device type for increased accuracy.


Built to comply with changing privacy laws. No fingerprinting or user profiling applied.

Create quality ID-less audiences with Yahoo ConnectID

The Next-Gen algorithm is trained using a sample of identity traffic from Yahoo ConnectID and real-time signals to infer high-quality audiences when IDs aren’t available.

Seamlessly buy and measure ID-less audiences with Yahoo DSP

Next-Gen Buying intelligently optimizes campaigns by bidding between addressable and identity-less supply. Machine learning-powered frequency caps ensure a positive user experience.

Next-Gen Measurement combines our proprietary measurement methodology, with third-party industry solutions for a reliable overview of campaign performance.

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