DirecTV: Ad Supply Partner

DIRECTV Advertising
Linear: 25M Linear HHs - A Seamless way to buy addressable TV across DIRECTV, DISH, and Fios.

Digital: 80M CTV HHs - Premium supply across every major publisher and network.

Connecting linear and digital TV

Reach 25M live addressable TV households with the same precision targeting and measurement as CTV. And with 80M CTV households across every major publisher and network, you get unparalleled TV reach. Get more viewers, accuracy and growth. All on one platform.

Unlocking Value for TV Buyers

Complete interoperability

Maximize unique reach across addressable TV and CTV, harness spend efficiencies, and deliver optimal ad experiences for viewers.

Expanded footprint

Tap into the Yahoo DSP footprint of 25M addressable TV households across DIRECTV, DISH and Fios. 3

3 Yahoo, Internal data, 2022.

Simpler buying

Seamlessly plan, buy and measure linear activity, all on the same platform where digital budgets are deployed.

Watching TV

One platform for DIRECTV addressable and streaming inventory

Yahoo is the exclusive omnichannel DSP with access to DIRECTV Advertising’s live addressable TV inventory. Plus, scaled access to DIRECTV STREAM via the Yahoo Exchange.

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