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Know your audience. No need for cookies.

Yahoo ConnectID uses consent-based, first-party data to bring audiences to life in a world without cookies. Reach your audiences with meaningful and relevant ad experiences, while respecting consumer choice and privacy.

Key Differentiators

Consumer privacy

We leverage consent-based data from 1-to-1 consumer relationships. Governance and security controls ensure that data stays within our ecosystem.

Robust insights

Our persistent identity is based on resilient identifiers and strong deterministic data. This ensures resolution to an individual and provides deeper audiences insights.

Integrated approach

Yahoo ConnectID is part of an integrated and holistic approach to the post-cookie world, enabling you to reach your audience even when identifiers aren't present.

Data Protection: Yahoo ConnectID, Third-party IDs, and Matched IDs

Seamlessly activate audiences with our interoperable partners

Yahoo ConnectID directly integrates with leading DMPs and CDPs to ingest and activate against third-party data. Interoperability enables Yahoo ConnectID to match partner ID-data for seamless audience activation and measurement within the Yahoo DSP.

Yahoo Next-Gen Solutions

Next-Gen Solutions is a suite of end-to-end targeting, buying and measurement products for ID-less inventory.

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