Digital-out-of-Home (DOOH)

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Put your brand in the spotlight

From Times Square billboards to gas stations in Wyoming, reach your audience wherever they are with our programmatic DOOH solution, fueled by proprietary audience insights.

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Unmatched scale

With global scale, 100% reach of programmatically-available DOOH inventory in the U.S. and premium partnerships, we help you reach your audience everywhere they go.

Omnichannel management

Effortlessly manage your omnichannel campaigns within a single platform to build holistic cross-device brand experience. It’s performance made simple.

Supercharged targeting

Persistent identity anchored in exclusive opt-in data gives you more accurate DOOH targeting, planning and reporting on on-the-go consumers.


Drives shoppers across the funnel with DOOH

As shoppers flock to brick-and-mortar, DOOH drives awareness, utility and results.

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Massive Reach


screens globally

Source: Yahoo internal data, 2020

Precise Targeting


Exclusive access to wireless subscriber data from Verizon

Source: Yahoo internal data, 2020

Diverse Inventory


Venue types

Source: Yahoo internal data, 2020

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Featured Insight

Think outside the house

Learn how to leverage the growing power of DOOH to drive performance.

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