Tap into a massive CTV audience

Get exclusive DSP access to VIZIO’s Inscape Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) data through Yahoo for targeting, activation and measurement. Plus, preferred access to VIZIO CTV inventory through Yahoo Exchange, connecting you to millions of smart TVs and billions of consumer touchpoints.

+19M opt-in devices1

Understand which content and ads are being watched on a second-by-second basis by tapping into the largest provider of single-source, licensable ACR data.

1VIZIO, Internal data, 2020

Addressability leadership

A leading voice in Project OAR, driving cross-industry collaboration to advance independent CTV measurement.

12B hours streamed in 20202

Connect with a growing CTV audience, accounting for 20% of smart TVs sold,3 with a consumer-first viewer experience.

2VIZIO, Internal data, 2020
3Omdia data, 2013-2020.

Reached engaged TV audiences, at scale

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