Connect with diverse Millennial and Gen-Z audiences at scale

Get preferred access to the content consumers love across BuzzFeed Inc’s network of properties, including BuzzFeed News, Tasty, Complex, HuffPost, and more.

Create innovative experiences

Tap into the power of Catalyst, BuzzFeed Inc’s creator network, and engage your audience with immersive branded content from Yahoo Creative Studios.

#1 Millennial and Gen-Z reach amongst competitive set1

1 Nielsen Digital Content Ratings, 2020

158M unique viewers across diverse audiences2

2 Comscore US, Feb’ 2021

7 in 10 users say BuzzFeed’s content inspires them to make purchase decisions3

3BuzzFeed User Action Study, Pollfish, 2019.

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Yahoo announces expanded partnership with Buzzfeed

Advertisers now have premium access to BuzzFeed’s inventory, unlocking unique opportunities to connect with millennial and Gen Z audiences at scale.


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